Saturday, July 01, 2006

I feel sorry for my liberal and conservative friends, trying to figure out where to draw the lines, trying to figure out who gets what freedoms. What's wrong with everyone having the same freedom? Conservatives, why can't the fags have their weddings? Liberals, why can't the rednecks have their guns?

Why can't we all just enjoy the same liberties?

Don't you think we'd all be happier if everyone could just do whatever they pleased, so long as it didn't bring physical harm to another human being? There doesn't have to be a clash of values in America--or anywhere else for that matter! Conservatives can be conservative and liberals can be liberal and everyone can leave everyone else the hell alone!

What do you say, America? Who's with me?


Blogger Peter said...

Everybody (well almost everybody) likes liberties so I don't think it's really as much of an issue with having or not having which freedoms.

The issue is personal principle - which is coincidentally expressed thanks to freedoms as well. As much as someone may value freedoms, they may strongly disagree with a concept like gun rights or gay marriage or whatever for other reasons.

10:04 PM  
Blogger TL KINCAID said...

Yeah, but that's where the MYOB clauce comes in (MYOB stands for Mind Your Own Business). If you don't like gay marriages, then don't marry someone of the same sex! If you don't like guns, then don't own one!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Pj said...

i guess some people can't simply go on knowing other people have the freedom to do things they don't agree with.

that's hogwash! i hate it!

1:39 AM  

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