Monday, June 12, 2006

The whole "GOD IS DEAD!" thing is done to death. I can't believe I have the energy to even make this argument anymore, but today I got into a theological debate and I managed to actually churn out a few paragraphs on why God is bullshit. Enjoy.

There is no supernatural. There is only the natural. If we prove that ghosts exist tomorrow, they just become part of our view of the natural world. And once ghosts are proven, ghosts are accepted as being just another part of this complex reality that we exist within. But to preemptively declare that ghosts exist before such evidence exists is madness.

And then I'm patronized with this "church of atheism" crap. If evidence of God was discovered and the whole scientific community accepted it, not on a personal level but and academic one, then I would give the idea its due consideration. However, nothing of the sort has surfaced and therefore being told "God is real! I just feel him . . . in my heart," is like being told, "Monkey's can fly when no one is looking! I can sense it . . . in my spleen."

And don't tell me that gaps in scientific knowledge prove the eixtence of God. Let me see if I can summarize that sentiment in a manner that reveals its insipidity: Human beings are ignorant of the workings of the universe, therefore a magical man lives in the sky and controls the cosmos.

Wow! It's so obvious now! I don't know how I didn't see it before! I'm so foolish for demanding evidence of things! You're right! Objects fall not because of gravity, but because God pulls them down—and if I question him, he will let go and I will fall up into space and explode, not because of pressure variations but because God puts bombs in your tummy if you go into space without a spacesuit.

1. You have no proof of God.

2. Even if God was proven, his nature would not be knowable. Therefore the discovery in and of itself would be, for the most part, inconsequential. Muslims would still think he was Allah. Christians would still think he was Jesus. Etc.

3.If God and his nature were both proven, then faith would no longer be a prerequisite to serving him.


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