Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last night I was talking to a girl (relax, it was on the internet--I'm not getting a life, don't fret!) and she kept throwing all this pity my way. She kept saying she was sad for me and that she felt sorry for me because I'm so cold and emotionless.

I hate that condescending bullshit.

Just because I don't experience emotions in the same way as her and most other people I'm supposed to accept that I'm some lowly wretch to be pitied? Please, spare me your stupidity, ugly masses. Do you think that your passions make you worthy and righteous beings? If so, I've got some sour news to impart: the things that you cherish--love, passion, etc.--are the reason that you have failed, as a species, to progress beyond the aggression that has marked you as war-mongering monsters for thousands of years.

If all mankind were like me, there would be no war. What reason do enlightened beings have to fight idiotic wars? What conflicts could possibly arise that we would needlessly sacrifice thousands upon thousands of lives to see it resolved? Sure, a war would be possible, but I doubt it would be likely, and it would certaintly be less prevelant than it has been in your history.

So fuck you monkeys. Leave the pitying to me.


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