Friday, June 16, 2006

Bushe's supreme court recently ruled that police no longer have to knock or announce themsleves if they have warrant. This raises an interesting question: what's going to happen when someone mistakes a cop for a burglar and blows his ass away. Will the republicans defend the second ammendment or defend their disregard for the fourth?

Hopefully most departments will use this new ability conservatively. But since most departments still give chase to non-violent criminals, endangering civilians in the process, I doubt they possess the intelligence to manage such discretion.

It will be interesting when Roe VS. Wade goes back to the supreme court. They won't overturn it, of course. But they'll make it the discretion of the state. Then conservative states will outlaw abortion, and make laws that say that any citizen of their state that gets an abortion in another state is commiting a crime.

So, let's say someone from Kentucky goes to Ohio for an abortion and Kentucky issues a warrant for their arrest, but Ohio says, "Fuck you, Kentucky! That's not against the law here so we're not going to honor your warrant!"

To which Kentucky will reply, "Shove is up your ass, Ohio! We're not honoring any of your warrants either!"


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