Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ann Coulter.

The Marilyn Manson of the right wing. She's shocking and controversial and politically incorrect and everyone seems to care what she has to say. On both sides of the fence, politicians and pundits are scrambling to distance themselves from her controversial take on the 9/11 widows becoming political activists.

Why the fuck does everyone care so much? Don't people realize that acting offended by her comments only makes it seem as though her opinion is valid to begin with? What exactly has this bitch done to make everyone care so much what she thinks (and not what she really thinks, so much as what she thinks will sell books)?

Liberals, as a former foot-solider in your ranks who still feels a little bit of a kinship with your misguided ideals, I feel it's my duty to inform you that this bitch is not to be taken seriously. When you hear what that "whacky" Mrs. Coulter said now, you shouldn't grit your teeth in anger, you should just tilt back your head, laugh, and go about your business.

Oh, and one more thing: can we please stop pretending she's hot? She's got an adam's apple. She was probably born Andrew Coulter.


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